Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring and assessment

  • Affordable energy monitoring and assessment
  • Ensure your energy efficiency measures are working!
  • Make the right choice for your energy efficiency investment.
  • Benchmark the energy performance of a multi-building portfolio
  • Automatically identify departures from expected operations
  • Compare energy performance design specification with actual performance

Understanding energy use

Understanding energy use is a complex business, but gaining a detailed and accurate knowledge of how it is used is essential to reducing costs and prioritising appropriate cost-saving actions and investment.

We provide building assessment, energy modelling and state-of-the-art energy monitoring and analysis to pinpoint energy saving hotspots and support investment choices, averting costly application of inappropriate energy saving technology and ensuring installed measures are working effectively.

Every building along with the needs of its occupiers is different, and any proposed energy saving solutions need to reflect this. Research demonstrates that simply monitoring energy meters is not an effective basis for making energy saving choices. Behavioural habits, experience, comfort expectations, outside temperature variations, and the ability to effectively control systems, all contribute interactively on energy use and costs.

Our advanced, scalable, wireless monitoring systems provide an affordable means of monitoring detailed usage patterns for both retrofit and new applications. Installation can be achieved rapidly with the minimum of disruption to your day to day business.

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