Advanced Energy management solutions

  • Make significant savings in your energy costs
  • Improve thermal comfort and wellbeing
  • Control heating, hot water, appliances and equipment remotely

Our solutions are easy to install with minimal disruption for retrofit as well as new-build. They provide accurate monitoring and reporting of energy use and enable automatic warnings if systems are not behaving normally. They are suitable for homes, businesses, schools and public buildings and are ideally suited for landlords, facility managers, small business owners, and home owners alike.

Tackling rising Energy costs

With Energy prices continually on the rise it is ever more important to find new ways of tackling these costs in our homes and businesses. Using our latest, affordable, cutting-edge energy management solutions will allow you to achieve this by significantly reducing your energy running costs whilst also ensuring greater comfort and control of your buildings.

We offer scalable solutions tailored to meet your needs. This may be anything from simple occupancy-responsive lighting or zonal heating solutions, right through to our whole-building wireless energy management systems.

Energy management systems

The advanced features of our energy management controller enable it to learn how your building responds to energy demands and changes in environmental conditions. This enables much more accurate control of comfort conditions and provides substantially superior energy management over traditional controls such as programmable thermostats. By understanding your building characteristics the energy controller is able to adapt quickly and automatically when changes to outside temperatures occur, preventing the wide swings in temperature that can be experienced with traditional controls.

Further features such as occupancy sensing can be used to switch off lighting and reduce temperatures in rooms that are no longer or rarely occupied, to minimise wastage. Advanced boiler management prevents dry-cycling which not only saves energy but prolongs working life and increases efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art systems enable effective control and automatic management of your energy use whilst allowing you full manual adjustment through smart phones, tablets and over the internet.

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