Building a sustainable future

BEnergised is a clean-energy services company based in the West Midlands. Our aim is to help people and businesses make the right choices for reducing energy usage and creating a more sustainable environment.

We understand that people are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs but are often hampered from taking action due to a range of bewildering choices, often mixed with poor quality and sometimes inappropriate advice on products and technologies. At BEnergised we believe in providing honest, clear and valued advice and in building trustworthy long-term customer relationships. We also believe in looking at the broader picture, not just individual technologies, and creating an integrated approach to create intelligent, energy efficient buildings. We are always happy to hear from you, whether for general advice on energy efficiency or on specific building projects you might be considering.

Being Energised is also about using your own personal creative energies to good effect, using energy more efficiently and effectively and acting in more sustainable ways. Our services and products are designed to help give the individual greater control of their energy use, balancing comfort and wellbeing with optimized energy use.

We believe that through better awareness of the needs and the opportunities for energy saving and through the effective use of appropriate technology we can reduce costs and help improve the environment.