Reducing energy costs for homes and businesses

  • Monitoring, assessment, design, reduction, control
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Green Deal Assessments

  • Home energy assessments for Government Green Deal
  • Highly qualified assessors
  • Fully accredited, insured and CRB validated
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast, professional service

Energy assessments and EPCs

  • Energy Performance Certificates EPCs
  • Local business serving the West midlands and Warwickshire
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast, professional service
  • Energy saving advice from your local experts

Energy monitoring

  • Ensure you make the right energy investment
  • Validate your energy improvements
  • Truly understand your energy use
  • Affordable wireless monitoring
  • Fast install, minimum disruption

Energy management solutions

  • Intelligent buildings / smart controls
  • Significantly reduce your energy bills
  • Ensure comfort and wellbeing
  • View and manage your home remotely

Green Building Projects

  • Home extensions / renovations
  • Future proof your investment
  • Make the right comfort/energy choices
  • Whole building thinking not individual measures
  • Integrated energy solutions – not ‘greenwash’
Energy monitoring solutions

Avoid making costly mistakes by implementing the wrong energy saving technology. State of the art energy monitoring, modelling and analysis helps to pinpoint the most suitable  energy saving measures, assisting decision making and avoiding the costly installation of less effective solutions.

  •  Affordable energy monitoring and assessment
  • Ensure your energy efficiency measures are working!
  • Make the right choice for your energy efficiency investment.
  • Benchmark the energy performance of a multi-building portfolio
  • Automatically identify departures from expected operations
  • Compare energy performance design specification with actual performance
Energy management solutions

Energy costs are continually on the rise making it ever more important to manage costs whether in the home, in your business or in public buildings. We offer affordable control of your energy costs through intelligent energy management.

Our Advanced energy management solutions are equally suitable for retrofitting and new buildings and are tailored to meet your needs. Providing you with:

  • Significant savings in energy costs
  • Improved thermal comfort at optimised costs
  • Remote monitoring and control of heating, hot water, appliances and equipment

Easy to install with minimal disruption. Ideal for landlords, facility managers, small business owners, and home owners.

Eco-building extensions

Looking to extend your home and want to ensure it is energy efficient?

Let us help you in your design and selection of building components and technologies to ensure your energy investment choices and savings will last as long as your building.

Use our expertise to realise:

  • Energy efficient design
  • Energy efficient  building component selection
  • Construction type and energy fabric choices
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Whole-house energy control systems
  • Best renewable technology selection
  • Feasibility and energy modelling
EPCs and Green Deal Assessments
  •  Fast and reliable EPC and Green Deal Assessments from your local energy experts
  • Thorough service at competitive rates
  • Clear, professional energy saving advice from our experts
  • Local business covering Coventry, Warwickshire and Birmingham

Welcome to BEnergised. We provide professional advice and services on all aspects of energy saving in buildings.

Rising Energy costs have become a concern for homes and businesses alike, and the trend is expected to continue for years to come. Energy bills are now taking a greater share of our home and business income. However, much of the energy we pay for is wasted through energy inefficient buildings and inadequate or poorly adjusted system controls.

We are here to help

Understanding the most cost-effective way of reducing energy bills can be a daunting task, with a wide range of options and choices available. At BEnergised we help you identify energy wastage and help you make the choices that best meet your needs and budget.

Although individual technologies or energy saving measures can be applied in isolation, we believe that each customers’ needs are unique, and need to be considered as a whole to provide year on year savings on fuel bills and increase the comfort and convenience in your home or business.